which handbags brands...

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  1. hey there,

    Which handbag brands has more emboridery, and velvet material in it.. can you share any famous names here? :yes:
  2. the spy bag?!
  3. I don't know about velvet, and that't not the most durable material, but Isabella Fiore tends to go for a lot of detail work.
  4. I've seen pics of two Spy bags that NM in White Plains, NY is getting in. THey were gorgeous! However, the price tags were over $5,000. Yikes ............
  5. Isabella fiore has embroidered bags. Not sure about velvet though.
  6. I was going to say Isabella Fiore as well.
    IF at Saks
  7. I have an Embellished IF Nikki bag that is lovely. Alot of detailed beading that seems very sturdy. If also has a Carpet bag that is gorgeous with alot of different fabric patches. Here's my Nikki. And I'll find that link for the Carpet bag.
    View attachment 29360
  8. I agree with the majority... definitely isabella fiore.
  9. Valentino makes some.
  10. Anthropologie stores will probably have a few... Miu Miu might have something velvety for the Fall/Winter season?
  11. Marc by Marc Jacobs had a lot of velvet last fall. as far as detailed embroidery, besides IF, try Betsey Johnson?

    Here's a velvet Marc bag(not sure about authenticity)
  12. I really like embroidered bags too, they can be such treasures :heart: Jamin Puech, Miu Miu, Fendi (not only the spys, but also the beautiful baguettes:heart: ) are famous for it but I think there's always something embroidered by every brand ( I have a few embroidered ones by Gucci, Céline etc http://forum.purseblog.com/your-bag-showcase/ispot-my-collection-22180.html) I would recommend Jamin Puech because the bags are so beautiful and not too expensive!
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