Which eye do you 'do' better


Which eye do you apply makeup to better?

  1. Right-handed, right eye

  2. Right-handed, left eye

  3. Left-handed, right eye

  4. Left-handed, left eye

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Even though I'm right-handed, I always seem to apply my makeup to my left eye much better than my right. My eyeliner is a tad straighter and my eyeshadow perfectly blended on the left eye. And my right eye is somewhat wonky no matter how hard I try. :thinking:

    So which eye do you 'do' better.
  2. Lol, I'm exactly the same!!!!! Also right handed, also do the left eye better, even up to mascara!
  3. I'm the same too! Wonky right eye and better looking left eye :biggrin:
  4. i'm right handed, and the right eye always turns out better, hmmm...

  5. I use my right hand, and have an easier time applying eye shadow and liner to my left eye, but mascara is easier for me to apply on the right. I think my left eye turns out better most of the time. Great poll!
  6. ha, wondered about that myself. Right hand, right eye turns out fine.

    Anything winged on my left eye turns out funny - I'm thinking no pairs of eyes are symmetrical? My left eye crease extends lower than my right so my "wing" runs over the crease like a road accident :p
  7. I'm left-handed and my left eye always turns out better. I'm amazed that so many peoples' opposite eye (right hand/left eye) turns out better for them!
  8. My right eye always looks better, I'm right-handed. But my right eye has nicer lashes and is the slightly bigger eye.
  9. Right-handed, left eye

    Esp. my eyeliner tends to look wonky on my right eye.
  10. I'm right-handed, and my eyeshadow always looks better on my left eye. However, eyeliner and mascara always turn out better on my right eye.
  11. ^^Same here!
  12. Left handed, left eye is so much easier to do than my right eye!
  13. Right-handed, left eye. I canNOT figure out why!
  14. Right-handed right eye. I can never get the eyeliner to flick out just so at the ends on my left eye. And I apply blush better on my right cheek too. Weird.
  15. Ditto, and also I apply blusher better on my left cheek too!