Which do you think actually triggers your memory more?

  1. Scent or music/sound?
    Scent, definitely for me. I don't think anything brings back the feeling of the moment better than scent.
  2. Scent, but in a lot of ways sound. Lately I've been having flashbacks when I hear certain songs. It sucks!
  3. Wow that is hard, but for me a think music slightly edges out scent.
  4. Wow. Close call.
    Equal for me.
  5. Music for newer things, scents for old long forgotten memories.
  6. Scent probably triggers memories for me more often than music does.
  7. Oh that's a difficult one. Probably songs more than scents.
  8. scent for sure................

    like the smell of sweet smelling cigars in the Captain Cook hotel in Anchorage.... reminds me of the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention held every October in Anchorage----love the memories!!!
  9. Definitely scent...even when I'm caught off guard and smell something, it takes me back to a memory...whether good or bad.
  10. definitely scent.:yes:
  11. I think both are very powerful in terms of evoking memories. Scent might be just a tad stronger to me.

    I used to save old perfume bottles in high school and college. Sometimes the scent wears off, but with a lot of them I can still take them out and feel transported back to a different time -- it's really neat! Sme with the smell of old school buildings and certain foliage.
  12. Def. sounds.
  13. Both. Songs and smells trigger memories for me.

    Songs like End of the Road by Boyz II Men and It Must Have Been Love by Roxette immediately remind me of seventh grade.

    The salty smell of the sea air reminds me of living on Kwajalein for six years and then later on college.
  14. Sounds...Music.....for sure
  15. I would say scents.