Which do you like better & why? I need opinions.

  1. If you had to buy one....The JJ posh or the Mimi??

  2. First one. That flap across the top of the second one would drive me batty.
  3. you're right. i didn't even think of that..having to turn the turnlock everytime i want to then go and unzip my purse. the whole process would take much too long!!

    well.....there's a reason i post here! thanks :smile:
  4. I would pick the Mimi over JJ as I prefer the shape of Mimi. Also, there's one on eBay now. :graucho:
  5. I prefer the shape of the Mimi too. It's so darn cute! But I think BagHound is right about the flap. Not very functional. :s
  6. I prefer the 1st one as well - that turnlock flap would drive me bananas!
  7. i actually like the mimi too but the functionality.....questionable. depends on how often you would have to go into your purse ;)
  8. I like the shape of the JJ but love the leather on the Mimi... Too bad you can't have both!
  9. I like the Mimi too! I agree with the flap..I have one flap bag and it drives me crazy to get in and out of it.
  10. both look good but I'd pick 1
  11. I like the style of the Mimi better.:tup: At first glance I thought that the flap on it would drive me nuts, but it doesn't cover the whole top of the bag. I think I would rather deal with a small flap than the dual zippers on the Posh. You wouldn't have to keep the flap locked all of the time. Or you could leave it unzipped with the flap locked for getting out your keys and other small items. JMO:flowers:
  12. Does anyone know if the Posh is a shoulder bag??
  13. I say the Mimi! I had the Posh and returned it. I found the straps too thick to be on my shoulder and the leather squeaked. I like the softer leather of the Mimi. I agree with Zombie Girl...you can get in/out of the bag on the sides of the flap (like the buckle strap on the Venetia). ;)
  14. go with the first bag :smile: more spacious!
  15. :yes: