Which do you get more use out of ?

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  1. I have the cles in de and havent used it yet thinking of exchanging for the mini pochette in the de. Which do you think would get more use?
  2. For me the mini pochette. I had a cles in da and it set in my drawer for a year until I decided to give it to my sister. Some people really like the cles becasue they hook it to their keys or bag, but for me it never worked.
  3. It depends on your needs. I use my cles just to hold my key fobs. I also keep business cards in side. So it really serves little purpose besides being an expensive keychain. The mini Pochette certainly holds more.
  4. It depends your needs but cles
    is my very useful LV :biggrin:
  5. Cles. Its my grab and go SLG.
  6. I use my cles daily, and I love it!
  7. Cles. I have two mini pochettes and really don't use them much except to hold the cles for quick errands.
  8. Have you considered the ZCP? I think you would have more usage out of that then a mini pochette ... I have had a cles for a number of years and never used it..I use my ZCP frequently.
  9. +1:smile:
  10. mini pochette would be very handy...
  11. I would prefer a mini pouchette.
  12. I have both and I use my cles daily. I have only used my mini twice in 2 years.
  13. Can't imagine life without my Cles, I run into the coffee shop with only that each morning! Attached are my key's and inside is my coffee awards card and reload coffee store card.
  14. I have a cles (not LV though) and I do not own a pochette. I carry my keys from the hook and actually put credit cards in the cles itself. I know I use it a little bit not for its intended purpose. I'll get a wallet soon. It really just depends how much stuff you usually carry around with you.
  15. I use my cles daily as well. I have.my.dl, some cash and dh credit card in it ;) it hangs from my car keys. i have a baby so it comes very hand when.i.need to.make a quick.trip to the store or post office