Which do people like more of the following two...

  1. If you could get one for your x-mas gift which would it be the daimer papillon or the popincourt haut and why? Does anyone own both..if sooo which do you prefer and why? I cannot go to the store so I base my decision on pics and fellow pf members input...thanx:flowers: ...I love LV to bits:heart: :P :heart:
  2. Damier Papillon, because I like the barrel shape.
  3. popincourt haut!!!!!!!!! love the shape, and its a great shoulder bag. pap might get squished under your arm.
  4. Popincourt haut for me too - it's a great shape!!!
  5. Popincourt Haut - I tried this on, and it looked great. I did not try a Papillon on, but seen them on display. They look nice - and if you want more room, go for Popincourt Haut.
  6. damier papillion
  7. PH--tried it on--roomy and comfortable.:yes:
  8. I love the papillon in damier, it's so classy, if you have nothing in the bag then of course it'll get smooshed like any other canvas bag.
  9. I think the PH is probably a good choice if you don't already have a LV shoulder bag and you aren't too concerned about the vachetta getting darker and/or water marks. Personally I would choose the Damier Papillon as I prefer to carry my purses in my hand or on my arm and I love the shape of it!
  10. Didn't you return the pop H? If you didn't love it, then don't think about getting it again. I have both and I love both. 2 different looks.
  11. get the damier papillon! you need a winter bag anyway. :P
  12. ohhh you have to give a different answer...saying you love both does not help...you must love one just a kiss more...I love both my speedy 30 and LH but, I do love my LH a smooch more...just I have to baby it until the vachette darkens....come on give me something more....yes I did return the PH but, miss it a little..
  13. papillon, because I like the shape. I never really liked the PH, but if you want more room, then that's the one.
  14. I like the Damier Papillon. I am just not a fan of the PH...the proportions of it look funny to me for some reason.
  15. wow :yahoo: congrats on your weight loss...how did you do...the last few are always the most challenging...that is awesome:yahoo: !!!!!
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