Which Dip Dye Are you - Ode to the Dip Dye!

  1. Lovely scarves ladies, I tried both of them a few days ago but were not my colors I looked very ashen/swallow colored.

    Looks very nice dear!
    Cayenne's pic enabled me for the red dip dye!

    Awesome, it is my favorite!:smile:
  2. A huge thank you to miacillan for posting these mouthwatering shots in here reveal thread hope she doesn't mind them being shared here. Bienchen would you oblige with one of your marvellous modelling shots? TIA





  3. ^ Roo, you made me laugh. Not sure about marvellous but a modelling shot nonetheless from the SOTD archive. It's too warm here to think of big silk items but I try to come back some other time.

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  4. I just realised I never posted my green BdG here :shame:
  5. Bienchen - 'tis marvellous - thank you for sharing - and a very very pretty way of wearing the shawl.

    Lolakitten That green BdG is purrrfect for you!
  6. So late checking out the A/W 11 scarf offerings as I missed them when originally posted - but if anyone else like me has missed them - they can be found here:





    Yet to find any that have budged me from my 'I think I'm done' stance (well, after one or two from Spring/Summer still in my sights :p) but a little open to persuasion. Has anyone fallen/see or even acquired any of the new seasons dip dyes?
  7. It's been a while since I've visited this thead, and glad to be back with some pictures of my burgeoning 140cm dip dye collection. (I discovered that the latest collection of animal prints or the very subdued colours didn't appeal to me as much as I hoped for the 90s even though I love the texture).

    I remember being very wary of this size initially, until I had an opportunity to play with different drapes and knots and now am devoted to them. (Please excuse the creases, they appear to show up far more in the pictures than I'd anticipated.)

    ExLibris L-R Army/Iris, Vieux Rose/Olive, Cobalt/Encre

    Third picture: ExLibris Green/Bronze (sorry don't have colourway name) and Bouclerie d'Attelage in orange (the 'blue' details are actually a khaki-like green)
    IRVBE.jpg IVRB.jpg OGDD.jpg
  8. And a couple of serving suggestions with prune and etoupe:
    GEt.jpg OEt.jpg Prx3.jpg
  9. Hi Roo, good to see you around! I have the same army green/purple EL, isn't it gorgeous?!? What colour is your purple Birkin?

  10. Hi Duna lovely to 'hear' from you too! Unexpectedly the iris appears to be the most versatile during the winter months, (greys, black, navys) and the old rose great at this time of year with creams, greyish taupes and mossier greens.

    The blue just makes me smile every time I see it - and best of all with powder blue and white. The green is far yellower than the picture suggests.

    You weren't kidding about the chameleon nature of that leather - devilishly difficult to capture particularly as the light reading was to capture the shimmering tones of the dip dyes - but prune it is and it seems to love the dip dyes almost as much as I do!
  11. Pavois dipdye with and without flash.

    malabar/corail/rose colourway 08
    purple/bleu klein/bordeaux colourway 04
    013.jpg 014.jpg 016.jpg
  12. Holy Camole. Those are absolutely gorgeous twillies!! Crazy beautiful!! I would tie one around each wrist. :biggrin:
  13. image-2488547103.jpg
  14. My first dipdye , Brides de Gala .
    Love the way the muted colours seem to glow , and the understated way it ties .
    I'm not sure of the colourway , the background is a taupe and the border is bordeaux.
    Seems to crease much more than the regular twills, but that won't detract for me ...I plan to wear it a lot.
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