Which countries have you been to & would never go back to?

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  1. I did not like Nigeria at all, granted I was there for work but I had no positive experiences there at all, ill from food, traffic was hideous especially in Lagos that we took a boat to cross the river for work, the pollution was awful on the roads and the river was full of whatever people threw away, armed private guards and barbed wire across every house, power cuts, unsanitory conditions, filtering and boiling water every night.

    Opportunistic robbers loitering outside shops scared me the most, as soon as you got out of the car they would start walking towards you, if they didn't bother you then would be circling the car as you were in the shop.

    The best view was from the window of the plane as I was flying out!!!
  2. I will never return to San Jose, CR. I did not like it there at all. However, outside of San Jose Costa Rica is awesome!!
  3. Not country, but I have no desire to go back to Paris. I'd love to see more of France, but I much prefer Vienna to Paris.
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  4. I don't travel too much but so far I haven't been to a country I've hated. Granted, I've had my share of discrimination/racism abroad (I'm Filipino American), but as long as I'm safe and not hold any expectations, I tend to have a good time. :smile:
  5. OK, I can't say I have HATED a place so much that I'd never ever in a million years go back... however, I have no desire to return to Vienna or Puerto Rico. Zero interest. If I end up there another time, so be it, but I won't ever go out of my way to go there again.
  6. i don't mind to going back to the gambia because someone was always trying to benefit of you somehow or just wanted to chat with you. no silence and if you walked at the street there were no steps without someone disturbing you. plus my holiday romance still makes me mad...

    i'd love to see again china and of course sweden :love: anytime...
  7. I can't think of a country I wouldn't go back to, but like Schmodi there is a place I wouldn't go back to, and that is Greymouth NZ, the best view of that place was in the rear view mirror as I was leaving.
  8. I can't imagine that there is such a place. There's always something I like about every place I've ever traveled to. I love experiencing other cultures and I think it's a privilege to have that opportunity.
  9. Wow, hate is a strong word, and I'd sure feel kinda bummed if someone put my country on their "hate" list.

    I agree with Archipelago, having the means and time to travel is an opportunity and privilege. I may prefer some countries/cultures over others but certainly have never "hated" any one place.
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  10. Hmmm. I didn't particularly like The Bahamas (it was so depressing seeing the poverty of the native people) or Tokyo (way too crowded for me). But I liked pretty much everyone else I've been. I've had bad expiriences all around the world but I simply chalk it up to what it is. An expirience and a great story.
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  11. vietnam. even though there are nice beaches and awesome food .. it`s too hot to ever go back there!
  12. I'm very well-travelled and open-minded, but OMG I will never EVER go back to INDIA!!! :nogood:
  13. I haven't travelled that much but there isn't anywhere I wouldn't go back to becuase I hated it. There's places I wouldn't go back to but only because there are so many countries out there to visit...
  14. I agree with Archipelago, however there definitely can be ups and downs to some countries such as the weather or overcrowding.
  15. Wouldn't say I hated it, but wouldn't go back to Tijuana. Tacky, touristy and not worth the trip from San Diego.

    Even though I live near Edinburgh, it saddens me that it's not a lovely as it could be. Princes Street is a shambles of cheap shops (with those really annoying tartan tat stores with blaring "scottish pipe music" that makes me cringe). Even the architecture is horrible on Princes Street - it's a mismatch of styles which look terrible. Yes the castle is stunning but as a capital city, it looks tired (and with the roadworks for the trams at the moment, a nightmare to drive through). :sad: