Which Cosmetic case to get??? Please vote!

  1. Ok, I've been wanting a LV cosmetic case for a loooooong time now! But which one to get?

    If you have either one of these, please tell me which one you have and if you like it. Also, does it fit nicely in a speedy? How much does it fit? I usually carry a small lotion, mirror, lip gloss, lipstick, two lip balms, a small pack of tissues, and few band-aids.

    Thank you for your help!
  2. ^^^I second that!!!
  3. I have the pochette cosmetique - it's amazing. In there I keep my liquid neutrogena foundation, sephora blotting papers, clinique compact, nars blush, shu-uemura mascara, eyeliner, sephora blush brush, chapstick/lip gloss and allergy visine - and it still has more room without being bulky!
  4. Thank you for your help! I am not sure why this posted because I have the same thread with a poll...

    Thanks again!