Which Colour?

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  1. I think this tops really cute, but which colour?

    I'm leaning towards green, but its that cheap I might get both!

    What do you all think? I'd apprecaite your opinions!


  2. There's something about that green that I don't like, but love the cream :smile:
  3. I kind of think the cream looks like pajamas, so I'd go with the green.
  4. The cream one is lovely.
  5. i like the green one better.
  6. The cream one :smile:
  7. Green for me
  8. i love the green one!:p
  9. cream!hehe
  10. I like the green one more. But both are lovely.
  11. Get both if you can. The green will haunt you if you like it and don't get it, and anytime there is a top you like that looks good on you, you should get it in as many colors as you can, especially in neutrals, because you will get so much use out of those.
  12. I like cream better because it's neutral and easier to pair up with something else. Also, it's very light which perfect for spring.
  13. I'm gonna have to get both! You've all given such mixed opinions, it would be rude not to get both lol!
  14. just ordered both!

    got these cute luggage tags too!

  15. Oh, I looove those luggage tags! So utterly cute!:heart: