Which colour Work would you choose?


Which colour Work?

  1. 06 Pale Rose (antique rose)

  2. 07 Aquamarine

  3. 06 Blueberry

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. 06 Blueberry
    06 Rose Pink (Antique Rose)
    07 Aquamarine
  2. 07 Aqua ...............love the combination of style and color!
  3. Blueberry - I love the deep shades of blue in larger sizes
  4. Aquamarine.

    It's such a GORGEOUS blue! :tender:
  5. blueberry, i think it looks best in work than the other :p
  6. I say Aquamarine because I want one SO BAD! But I also think Blueberry is VERY pretty!
  7. Blueberry.:yes:
  8. I voted Aquamarine because it's such a great color...so pleasing to the eye...:yes:
  9. aquamarine
  10. Blueberry for sure...i'd prefer the dark shade of blue in larger size. For aqua, i think it looks best in twiggy style. However, i also love GH Aqua Work. It's definitely gorgeous!!!
  11. Blueberry - I have it in the courier and it is the deepest beautiful blue colour I have ever seen!
  12. I would not recommend the pale rose...it has a history of fading/yellowing.

    It depends upon whether you want more "pop" - if you do ... go w/Aquamarine. If you would rather keep it conservative, go with the Blueberry.
  13. For work, I would recommend the blueberry color. The rose color is really hard to match work clothes, and aqua is a bit too flashy and casual.

    The blueberry color is more understated. I'm sure the color will wear better over time.

    In any event, you might even consider anthracite! That seems to be a cool color for work.

    Good luck! :p
  14. Thanks everyone. I agree, Blueberry is the best option...
  15. Blueberry Work gets my vote! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: