Which colour for the new 07

  1. Ok i'm so confused with what colour I should get so I need your help. I'm looking at getting a work but which colour. Should I get, the bleu glacier or the cobalt?

  2. i say cobalt!! it appears to be a beautiful color!! im getting a BI work now :yahoo: and just might have to splurge on something cobalt as well
  3. Just bumping this up...anyone?? :smile:
  4. i vote cobalt!
  5. It depends...the bleu glacier is a gorgeous color, but it does have a lot of grey in it that makes it seem fairly subdued to me. Cobalt has a lot more personality.

    Maybe the cobalt for the bag, and you can always get an accessory in the bleu glacier, like the money wallet or a toilet case...
  6. I'm kinda leaning towards the cobalt now too. I like it because it's not as out there as the French blue but it's still a unique colour and it's kinda a turquoise and I kinda like that. Do you think I should get the regular h/w or the giant h/w?
  7. Ooh, that's a toughie. Are you able to see both in person before you buy?
  8. No see that is problem, I won't be able to see any of them before I buy that is why i'm asking so many question hehe :smile:
    Is there any photos floating around that have a pic of the cobalt? I have only seen in on atelier and it's not the best pic of it.
  9. Ok, the Work is 13"hx18"wx5"d.

    The Brief is 14"hx17"wx3.25"d. And I've attached a photo from ateliernaff of the Brief with GH.

    The reason I did this is that the two bags are of similar dimensions. Most people seem to agree that the GH looks great on the bigger bags (not the First or City). I've seen GH on Mid Afternoons and Briefs, and it does look fabulous.

    I think with the Cobalt, the GH will be stunning, but it will be a very flashy bag! If that's what you're looking for, go for it. If you want something a little more conservative, then go for the old hardware.

    You can also call the Bal store closest to you and ask them to send you a photo of a RH Cobalt and a GH Cobalt. I know BalNY does this!
  10. Cobalt, Cobalt, Cobalt, Cobalt.... COBALT, COBALT !!
    (Just in case you were unsure of my choice; Cobalt.) :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. I am on the list for a cobalt part time and thinking of a courier, if they've ordered it, as well.
  12. Cobalt all the way!!!
  13. i think you should get the cobalt brief with gh.
  14. That Cobalt is a HOT color!!! I'd go for the old hardware, but I'm pretty boring typically! Not really into the bling of giant hardware.......yet.
  15. Cobalt! The work looks soo hot in brighter colors.