Which color would look best???


Sep 13, 2005
Help me out ladies, which color for this bag??? OR Black, I don't have the picture for.

Black is my favorite color but these two I really like too:smile: Decisions!Decisions!!


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what colors do you usually wear?

Black and brown are classic. if you wear black most of the time and you want your bag to blend with your outfit, get black. if you want your bag to standout, get brown.
Lieu.....I am sooooooooooo Excited for you!!!!!!:nuts: Oh My God the tan is to die for!!!!!!:love: That is basically my dream bag now. You are so lucky to get the JPG!!!!!!!!!!!OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
Its not in my hands yet, It's not 100% that I will even get it soon. It's a waiting list and I am waiting hon. I'm loving that tan or pumpkin orange looking color too. Stands out more than black, right? But I love black...what am I to do? The pumpkin color screams out "Hermes!" more?? Help me decide!!!!
I can see your dilemma....both are incredibly beautiful. I think tan is probably more practical, but then again, you can wear that shade of blue with a lot of things.