Which color Jasmin of them all??

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  1. With yeuxhonnetes stirring up the hype between the speedy and the Jasmin, I am tempted to ask everyone which epi color would you get the Jasmin in if you had a choice??

    Also, to all the Jasmin lovers out there, why do you like this bag? Does anyone have pictures of the interior?? How would you wear it?

    All input welcomed!! Thanks!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  2. Red....but the lilac one is really growing on me!! I wear my red with navy, black, or white clothes.
  3. I'll go with red or black!! I'm hoping to get a red jasmin if I don't get the Balenciaga rouge vif First.
  4. the only jasmin i've ever *really* liked was the lilac one sandra posted.
  5. fav epi colours for the jasmin would be:
    y do i like this bag??? i like the shape... it looks like it can hold lots!!!
  6. elux has a New red and a red/silver. The darker red looks gorgeous!
  7. Which one is the darker red? The red/gold or red/silver?
  8. another (biased) vote for red, cos it's my fav colour! :love:
  9. Lilac and mandarin... those are so pretty on the Jasmin :love:
  10. Mandarin! I have it and for an orange bag, it goes with EVERYthing.
  11. RED! :love:
    Or yellow w/ the purple lining.
  12. mandarin and red comes in a close second
  13. red or lilac.
  14. I'm def getting a jasmin by this fall-either in red or black--with silver hardware:love:
  15. Pepper.. was it even available in pepper ? I love the colour.
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