Which color...HH Lorca Saddle or Chocolate?

  1. I already have the Havana in Chocolate and LOVE it! Should I get it also in the Lorca? Or is that too much of a good thing? The Saddle looks beautiful but I'm concerned with it looking dirty. I would pretreat it but stains would bug me. I can't decide! Help!
  2. Hmmm... I have the Inka in saddle, as you know, and have not noticed any staining or dirt marks. I had NEVER had a saddle bag until I got this one - and I absolutely adore it. I'm having a hard time putting it aside to try one of the other colors I have.... GO FOR IT! Lighten your day!

    ***Edited when I was reminded of the 3-year-old: I'd say chocolate. Or the Plum, if you can get it - choclate does hide many sins...
  3. Hmmmmm...it would be boring I guess to have 2 dark brown bags. I'm also afraid of looking like a cowgirl..maybe the name is throwing me off!
  4. heehee! IMO it's not really 'cowgirl,' but maybe a little 'equestrian?' it's got a vintage feel more than anything that i reallllly go for. i think the choc. or the plum might make the lorca a little more dressy. depends on what you're looking for!

    i am a big stain magnet, and the saddle has made me nervous, but i've been able to get out one major stain (ink transfer from jeans) already with nothing more than an eraser.

    are you saying your 3 yo causes trouble? ;) he looks like such an angel!!! :angel:
  5. i would go for chocolate or plum as ive read somewhere here that the lighter color HH dirties easily ( correct me if im wrong )
  6. I love both. If you have chocolate already, get the saddle. I would just be a teeny bit more careful, but I really don't think it'll be a problem.
  7. I say go a completely different direction and do olive or plum. You'd be surprised with how much stuff goes with those colors.