Which Coach purse is this????

  1. Does anyone know the name or collection of this large purse/tote or if anyone knows of it for sale anywhere. Thanks so much I would appreciate any help.[​IMG]
  2. Someone here may own this. I believe this collection was from 2 years ago. Outlets that carry signature may be the way to get one.
  3. I am new to the thread is there anywhere people post them for sale or just to show off the ones they own? Thanks for ur help!
  4. If you go to the main page of the forums, there is a Bag Showcase where people have pics of their bag collections. All the buying/selling/trading is in the Marketplaza subforums - you have to apply for it, and you can't do it anywhere else on the TPF.
  5. I've never seen the bag in person but it looks really cute. Doesn't Janelle on The Real World have this bag but in bronze? LOL I always look at it when I'm watching the show but they started blurring out the bag.
  6. That thing looks huge! That would be a perfect overnight bag for me! I've never seen it in real life though.
  7. Yeah to me it looked more like a tote or carry on bag and I really wanted it for my honeymoon.

    I am new to this whole purse thing, but other than the coach site or coach outlet stores does anyone else sell them?

    I looked on ebay but without the name there was like 20,000 to look through!

    Well if anyone ever finds it please let me know! Thanks a bunch!!!

  8. Besides auction sites I dont believe any other online site sells (authentic) COACH, but the thing about eBay and similar sites is you have to be wary of authenticity. If you see something on eBay or iOffer etc. post the pictures here and we can help you decide if it is real or not.

    Congratulations on the honeymoon too! Have fun!
  9. thanks! I am very much looking forward to going to Destin Florida for my honeymoon! I am very excited!

    I thought that bag would make for a great piece of luggage for the trip! I love it and really really hope I can find it
  10. I think it's one of the "vintage" bags they released one or two summers ago...I'm pretty sure that's what they called them...
  11. It's from the vintage signature line ... I think they came in the blue, bronze, and a dark red. I could only find a swing pack in the blue, and nothing as big as the tote on ebay. You might want to call Coach, I don't know if they would have any more in the warehouse. They are ususally very helpful when you call. :yes: Just tell them you are looking for a bag from the vintage signature line in blue, the largest one they have.

    Haha, you're right! I've only watched the show once but I remember the blurred out Coach bag. She has the smaller version.
  12. Thanks!!!!! I will try calling coach! I am very suprised ebay doesn't have one!
  13. I called emailed Coach and just like you said they were very friendly and helpful.

    Thank you for the link now I can send coach that picture so they can help me find it.

    This forum rocks!!!!! Thanks again everyone!
  14. Too bad you can't just add to cart from there instead of calling coach to see if they still have them available or to track it down for you. It would make it soo much easier.