Which Classic Gucci Would You Still Carry?

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  1. Hi,
    I really would like to purchase the classic thong sandals w/ red/green web signature for the summer, but Im not sure which bag is cuter.

    Or is the shoes a no go?
    Hot or Not...

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  2. Sorry I couldn't upload the second bag from the gucci website
    But, this is the other bag...

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  3. I personally like the first bag better because it looks like the strap is adjustable and then perhaps you'll be able to wear the bag a few different ways (shoulder or cross body). I have a small gucci messanger and I really like the red/green strap, so that is my personal choice.
    By the way, I really like the flip flop sandals- may I ask where have you been looking to buy them? Is it directly from the gucci website? How much are they?
  4. I agree with Purseonable. Bag #1 is more versatile (IMHO).
    The shoes are cute too!
  5. the shoes are selling on the gucci website for $315. I wonder if it's a sale price because saks, bergdorf & neiman have them for $350
  6. I always loved those thongs, they never go out of style..As for the purse I like the second..It looks like the wave Hobo?
  7. i think it's a princy hobo. i like all 3 items! lol!
  8. I like the first bag because it seems like you can get more wear out of it, like cross body and also to amusement parks. Plus the thongs are very cute also!