Which classic flap to keep

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  1. Dear ladies, I need your advice please on which classic flap to keep. I have two caviar classic flaps in the M/L size, both with silver hardware. One is a limited edition from 2008 Tokyo Mobile Art with Karl Lagerfeld's signature printed, purchased preloved. The other is a brand new from 2015 and purchased from Brandoff with blue protective plastic still attached. I don't want to keep two identical bags and wish to let one go. Which one should I keep? I am leaning towards the 2008 limited edition one as the caviar leather on this bag seems so much nicer compared to the bag from 2015. And being a limited edition, I wonder if the resell value would be better if I ever wish to part with the bag in the future. I guess I could hold both for now as I am sure the classic flap will hold its value. It would be nice to sell one to fund another bag though. What do you think ladies? I appreciate your advice in advance.
  2. Keep the 2008 bag *** it is a work of art and sure to increase in value....
  3. I would say sell it now to fund for another bag that you would wear :smile: it is a bit redundant to have two identical! What made you purchase the second one?
  4. Thank you Passau
  5. Hi MissAdhd, I wanted a brand new flap thats why I purchased the second flap and planned on selling the LD one. But I have fallen in love with the old caviar leather. Yes I agree no point keeping two identical flaps. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Keep the limited edition bag since you love the caviar leather and return the other one.
  7. Keep the limited edition since the caviar is better quality and it is a limited bag.

  8. Can I ask, how much is the one from brandoff ? Thanks