Which Chanel leather for a wallet?

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm looking to purchase the classic Chanel s double flap wallet (one in pic). However, I can't decide on the leather as I've never owned a Chanel piece before so this will be my first. Should I get the quilted lambskin or the caviar? I love the caviar because of the durability but at the same time I don't really like it when it's brand new because it feels kind of stiff. I'm afraid it'll be too bulky once I put my stuff in it. Or maybe the cambon? But will the pink get dirty easily?
    So my question is, will the caviar soften up in time like the lambskin? Can anyone please post a picture of their wallet(s) so I can see how it wears over time? Thanks!

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  2. Caviar because of the durability.
  3. You mention bulkiness being an issue for you. I was looking at this wallet last week in black caviar. It was beautiful but too fat. I was hoping to use it in my small classic flap. It fit length-wise fine. But it was really thick and a tight fit with my iPhone in front of it. And it was empty. But definitely caviar for durability. Maybe another style if you want sleek.
  4. I have this wallet in black lambskin and it is beautiful. I have had it for a few months now and it still looks new. I know everyone says caviar leather is more durable, and that may be true, but the lambskin seems to be holding up fine. I think this wallet is a very compact design, holds everything I need without taking up a lot of space. (There are not many wallets that will fit in a small flap along with an iPhone).
  5. Thank you for letting me know! But was the lambskin as bulky compared to caviar?
  6. I did not see a lambskin version. I imagine it's just as bulky with the double compartments. Add to that the cover and snap for the pocket and the strap to close the other side and it's just a fat wallet. Really pretty and functional though. I need a happy medium between this and a card holder.
  7. same here

  8. I used to have this wallet in lambskin and I didn't find it bulky at all. It fit perfectly with a lot of room to spare in my M/L flap.
  9. Thank you ladies for all the input! I went to my local boutiques to check it out. It really wasn't as bulky and stiff as I was afraid it would be. They had a light pink caviar with the stitched CC logo and the classic caviar with gold hardware. The pink was gorgeous but I was too scared it'll get dirty so I opted for the classic one. It's gorgeous and I love it!
  10. Big congrats on your new wallet! I think you made a great choice! :smile:
  11. Congrats! Caviar is very nice looking.
  12. Caviar - hands down. I just retired my black caviar fold wallet after 8 years of consecutive wear. It is in beautiful condition with the only signs of wear being a few threads (have since snipped) on a couple of the card slot edges. The leather has also softened, which only makes it better. My reason for retiring her is because I wanted a full sized wallet, which I had never owned. I ended up getting a Ferragamo in a beautiful red with gold hardware. My Chanel will be passed down to one of my granddaughters someday:smile:
  13. may I ask how much this wallet costs? i'm in the market for something in this style. TIA!
  14. Hi! The classic ones such as the quilted caviar/lambskin with silver/gold hardware retails for $775. But the other style, also caviar, with the stitched CCs is $600 (according to my SA at Neiman Marcus). HTH!
  15. thanks for the info! :smile: