Which Chanel is the best bang for your buck?

  1. Which bag do you think is the best price for what you are getting?
  2. I think the jumbo timeless classic flap.

    The size is large enough so you can carry more than one thing inside (unlike the smaller flaps) and caviar is durable and will last for years and years.

    Also the flap is a timeless style that is forever:tup:
  3. if you guys don't mind, could you put the price down too...thanks:smile: The jumbo is around $2200?
  4. Sorry. Its retails now for $2250. But i hear a price increase is coming up
  5. I think the Grand shopping tote is the best bang for the buck. Classic, LARGE, and durable. If you're ok with the big square shape, its a great bag. Price is $1895
  6. I think the GST too, although I liked it better when it was $1750! ;)
  7. ^ I 2nd the GST. As much as I love the classic flaps, in terms of getting the most for your money in all aspects (style, versatility, durability, cost) it's the winner, IMO.
  8. I think for an everyday bag the e/w flap is great @$1395


    Ultimate soft in medium $1585(i think)

    These are not tote bags that maybe ised as everyday bags
  9. PST - 1250 or GST - 1895 (these are prices for now)
  10. Cerf tote!!!....$1850 (or was :mad:.) It holds a ton, it's very classy yet simple. And very understated, no big logos. I love it.
  11. PST for $1250, it's pretty roomy and much lighter than the GST. I love my GST but it's too heavy for me.
  12. PST is great tote for much less then most other classic pieces! it retails for $1250. Also GST as its a gorgeous large bag and less then the jumbo which I also reccomend very highly!
  13. The best-priced Chanel bags in my opinion are: PST ($1250), GST ($1895), Cerf Tote, and the Ultimate Soft in Medium or Large (since it is lambskin).

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  14. I really think the large cambon tote was a great purchase. It is so roomy so it allows me to carry tons and tons of stuff without overstuffing. The leather is calfskin and feels incredibly soft and it's just a classic bag that will always be in style. I believe in the U.S. it costs $1695 plus tax.
  15. DITTO!!!! I plan for it to last me FOREVER!!