which celine style is your favourite?


which is your favourite?

  1. celine box

  2. celine cabas

  3. celine luggage

  4. celine trapeze

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  1. i thought this could be a thread fun :smile:

    these are the eye candy of the bags, size are picked random.
    can you tell me which is your favourite style out of these most popular ones and why?

    Celine Box

    Celine Cabas

    Celine Luggage

    Celine Trapeze
  2. This is very hard to pick just one but I would have to go for luggage.
  3. You should add the Phantom to the mix, too.
  4. box for sure
  5. Box! :smile:
  6. Luggage
  7. Box for me.
  8. luggage for me. That's my only Celine, for now :smile:
  9. AmeeLVSBags oh i totally forgot to add the phantom, but i think people who favor this can put it on the luggage option as it is similar?

    my fave was the luggage, i just love the way it looks. but now i'm going for the box although if i see pictures, i still love to see pictures of people with a luggage than with a box
  10. Box- because it is so classic looking!
  11. I'm in love with the trapeze... Currently on the hunt for one :smile:
  12. I recently bought a red pony-hair box and its amazing! Going to convert to a box addict now. :yahoo:
  13. Nano :smile:)))))))))))))))))
  14. The box :heart:33
  15. Luggage!