Which BV do you get the most comments on?

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  1. I don't get many comments on my BV's...especially where I live, but I have to say my Peltro wallet grabs attention. I wish I had something else in peltro...
  2. My med PO cabat gets the most attention. Probably because it's so big, metallic and stands out against my (mainly) black jackets and coats :smile:
  3. MY KNOTS! Hands down!
  4. No one knows my bags are BV, but I get the most comments on the Nuvalato (I never spell this correctly). Also their blue bags, for some reason!
  5. Large Opera Veneta. The color is amazing!
  6. I get the most comments on my wavy goat bucket bag....like the one jane and melodysaw have. Here is a picture of the Torrent color. I have it in Nero

  7. My Copper Specchio Mini and my Knots.
  8. Cervo illusion tote
  9. My medium orchid Cabat is the biggest compliment magnet for me--both by those who know BV and those who have no idea. Every time I carry it, a few strangers comment nicely on it. It must be because of the vibrant color.
  10. My maxi veneta gets the most commentary, I think because the color is such a vivid blue (cobalt).

    here she is:

  11. That is so pretty! I have the cosmetic bag and never knew the real name!
  12. I get the most comments on my Montaigne because it is in the color Turbulence. People always love the deep purple color!
  13. ^That purple is one of my faves also. Maier does wonderful purples.
  14. My crimson french flap wallet. By SAs or Cashiers when I take it out to pay.
  15. my anemone zip around wallet