Which brown/tan colour is the nicest in your opinion?

  1. Thanks girls. my friend just appointed me as her B-consultant..she is loaded $$$ but has no time to shop/research.. :shrugs: she wants a brown tone and I have never really noticed this colour family before.. blues,purples,green, reds myself...
  2. caramel
  3. I know I have shown this before, but here's a marron!
  4. For me, it's a toss-up between Truffle, Marron and Caramel. They all just look so yummy...
  5. I'm sort of into 05 taupe - brownish-greyish
  6. Dark brown - cafe
    Tan colour - 03 caramel
  7. f/w '06 caramel and truffle
  8. 06 marron! very deep dark brown~!
  9. ^^^ITA - 06 Marron...it's an ashy brown, very sophisticated!
  10. i love 05 caramel and chocolate, and 06 marron!
  11. 2005 caramel is a good choice
  12. caramel, truffle or marron, you can't go wrong!
  13. Mine would be 06 Camel and 06 Truffle
  14. I love cafe and truffle for dark and light brown, respectively.
  15. Caramel is really yummy!