which blue is better?

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which is the best blue- color and leather combo

  1. blueberry

  2. 07 marine

  3. 06 ink

  4. the new marine

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. hi there!

    i really want a navy bag and i'm trying to figure out- having never seen some of these colors irl- which navy color/leather combo is the best. which do you prefer: 06 ink, 07 marine, the new 08 marine or blueberry (not sure the year). based on the color and the leather if you were able to find all of them which would you prefer?

    i definately want something that reads blue. i have a black bag so i don't need anything that looks black, kwim?

  2. I voted for blueberry, simply love the color, a real pop, jewel-like :love:. Next would be ink, but I think some Inks are more bluish, some more purplish, and some more blackish in tone, so just make sure that it's the shade you prefer. 07 marine doesn't quite cut it for me color-wise but the leather is quite yummy. Haven't seen the 08 marine irl yet.
  3. Blueberry is 06. That is definitely blue, not to be mistaken with purple or black.

    Marine looks the closest to a true navy to me, whereas Ink can easily be mistaken for purple. I don't know enough about the leathers on the two different seasons though.
  4. I was going to say that In was my favorite, but it could be interpreted as Black in some lighting, so I'd go for Blueberry!
  5. Another vote for Blueberry, tho it might be more difficult to find than the others...
  6. i love Blueberry,second choice would be INK!!!
  7. Ink!
  8. I voted for Blueberry too. I have it in a Day bag and it is a beautiful deep saturated blue. I have had ink before and it didn't match or look good with anything. It had too much of a purply tinge to it with black. Marine 07 I haven't seen IRL and the new Marine Blue is very pretty but not as pretty as Blueberry I thought.
  9. thank you everyone! i was leaning towards blueberry myself. i like ink but i don't want purplely. more blue. then again i already have an eb day so not too blue. oy, me with all the requirements, lol.
  10. i voted for blueberry:tup:
  11. Ink!!! If you want that chameleon changes with light - black or dark purple in some...

    The others are real blue and won't have this effect!!!:yes:
  12. I love Ink! And it's a nice change from your EB.
  13. I love Blurberry - it's such a pretty, unique blue color. My second vote goes to ink.
  14. Oops, I might change my mind. I did vote Blueberry but I think an equal lovely color is New Marine Blue. Just saw May22's new city. That is a nice blue and leather. Great distressing in it too.........:sweatdrop:
  15. my vote is for blueberry =)