Which black leather Brit???


Mar 28, 2006
Hi ladies!

I need help deciding which black leather Brit bag to purchase! I keep on going back and forth......should I get the Brit large hobo or the Brit tote with detachable strap???

What do you all think??
I was leaning towards the bag with the detachable strap......my only concern is that after a while I might get tired of having the short and the long strap on the bag. Now, that is the look on many bags, but what about next year? Should I be worried that the bag will look dated?
I couldn't find a picture of the large hobo...so I posted a pic of the medium one, but the large is more slouchy.....


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I'm tall so I prefer the top handle with strap version (middle pic)...I like how it hits me on my lower hip when worn on my shoulder. I get tired of bags that don't fit on my arm or if they do it is a tight fit.