Which black bag should I buy

  1. I know that everyone thinks that black bags are easy to find but not for me. I need a black bag that looks great. I won't carry it all the time but I still want a nice bag. I just saw the black legacy flap satchel today in leather. I also saw the carly in black leather. I need help deciding. I already have a off white carly canvas and I love it. Help me choose. Thanks!
  2. I like the shoulder flap (I also want one) and i have a carly as well. so I'm going to say go for the shoulder flap. If you love the ali you'll like (maybe not love) the shoulder flap. It has some things in common with the ali. With all of that said either bag that you choose make sure you like it that's all that matters.
  3. Shoulder flap :tup:
  4. So are you looking for a medium to large sized bag, then?
  5. I think some of these could go from casual to dressy
  6. I want a medium sized bag. I like the leather better probably because my daughters both have the ones with the C's on them. I've been buying coach for a long time and when I look at my collection, they are all the solid colors but 1. The carly is very functional. But I love the look of the black leather legacy flap.
  7. Have you considered the Hamptons Black Medium Carryall? I have last year's version and love it!
  8. I'll have to check it out.
  9. What about the Legacy Shoulder Zip from last year? That's a medium sized bag and it's gorgeous. I have it and it's one of my all time favorites. It's not on Coach's website anymore but I'd be willing to bet they still have some in JAX.

  10. ^^ I second the vote for the legacy shoulder zip!!!
    I got mine recently and love it.

    Here's a pic of mine:
  11. Wow. That is really cute. I'll check that out also.
  12. I was in your same situation...Need a great looking black bag, but don't wear that much black. And it needs to be big enough! I ended up getting the Med. black sig ergo hobo. The sig fabric isn't screaming cccc's. They are bigger and they blend really well. I'm also a fan of Carly!!!
  13. I am not a black leather fan myself, but I did get the black Legacy Ali, I guess you have to have at least one! Any of the Black Legacy Leather medium bags are great. 10328 is a nice size.
  14. :yes:
    That is one sexy sexy bag!!!!! Here's another vote for a Legacy!!!!
  15. Did someone say black bags??? OH my weakness...lol.

    I love this new legacy!

    It's even more gorgeous IRL!!