Which bandeau do I want???

  1. I am ordering a bandeau but I can't decide which one I want...
    black MC
    blue etoile
    rose etoile
    Anyone have suggestions for me?
    The SA is calling me back today to see which one I want.
  2. I love my rose etoile, it has a pretty pattern and doesn't have any "LV"s, which might make it a bit more subtle.

  3. Either rose etoile or LVOE, those are my favorites!
  4. I would do the LVOE and then the Etoile in w/e color, only because they are limited for the season! MC will always be there!!
  5. That is pretty.

    It will only go with my mono pieces though.

    If I wear a black MC purse then I think only the MC bandeau will go. And if I carry my cerise Francoise, then I don't think any of them will do... does anyone have a cersise mini mono print bag and different bandeaus so that I can see if they go at all? (I want it for my hair.)
  6. When I showed my DH the Lvoe bandeau picture, he said it looked like something a clergyman would wear. :boxing:
    He is NO help at all.
  7. I have the groom...and love it...if you can still get one?
    Otherwise the rose etoile!
  8. No they only have the etoiles and the LVoe one in right now. I know I could get the MC anytime, but I wonder if it will go with more of my stuff. But the LVoe is limited... and I will not be able to get it later if I decide I NEED it... oh the decisions!
  9. I have worn the rose etoile with damier and it looked great.
  10. My vote goes to the black MC :heart: - but the blue and rose etoile are both nice too!
  11. Why do people say this? I heard someone else say it on another forum and got so mad. It looks NOTHING like that. :cursing:
    It's gorgeous..and if you tie it on a bag....
    Here's mine on one of my Miroir Speedys
  12. I would actually hesitate to put any brightly patterned bandeau on a MC bag, for fear it might be way too busy.
  13. It isn't for the bag, but rather for my hair. :smile:
  14. i like the rose best.
  15. I just bought the Lvoe for my hair and got lots of compliments i also have the MC for my hair and that is cute too.