Which bags made your heart skip a beat?

  1. I was just taking a look at my collection and I realised that only a handful of bags made my heart skip a beat when i bought them.. Some of my bags are just bags bought for the sake of buying.. Is that the case with you?

    Bags that made me breathless include:

    :heart: Goatskin black luxe bowler
    :heart: Python flap dark pink with tassel
    :heart: Bronze baby cabas
    :heart: Cambon black with patent black CC mini reporter

    Which bags made u go :nuts: :nuts: ? Please share!
  2. my reissues make my heart skips a beat. but thats about it. i love my other bags too, but only my reissues make me feel warm and fuzzy inside...
  3. I love all of my mine because I carefully chose them to reflect my lifestyle and personality. If I had to choose personal favorites they would be:

    Beige/black Cambon Reporter
    Black Deerskin Luxury Bowler
    Beige Cloudy Bundle n/s tote
    Brown Outdoor tote
    Brown Square Vintage n/s tote
    Bronze Baby Cabas

    I didn't immediately fall in love with the blue CC tote but absolutely love it now.

  4. I did not immediately fall in love with my silver CC tote as well!! but i know im loving it more everyday. :yes: :yes:
  5. i m still falling in love with my pink classic flap w/ Gold hw
  6. i love all my chanels...i usually obsess over my purchases so pretty much every bag!
  7. i think all of my chanels make my heart skip a beat lol. my collection stands at 4 bags right now, so i've only bought the ones i really really loved! the 2005 black and grey reissues, as well as the bordeaux reissue, and the black python spirit flap, make me hyperventilate though LOL
  8. i'm not a very rich person, so wheni bought a bag, i bought it carefully chosen and def. not just about the sake of having the bag.
    so yes, all of them make my heart skipped.
    recently, it's my coco cabasses who did that the most
  9. well, i only have one chanel- the black pst i bought this weekend. and i must say, it is one gorgeous bag. i have lv and gucci bags in my collection but so far the pst has gotten tons of compliments. it is really gorgeous!
  10. Python flap dark pink with tassel
  11. Most Chanel bags make my heart skip a beat, lol!
    Every bag to me really is a work of art.
  12. i think right now it's my bronze cc tote...:love:

    OT: ROEY--so happy you love your blue cc tote! was hoping you would, it's so lovely!:heart:
  13. -> Reissues in any color at all
    -> classic flaps in any color!
    -> GST in any color!
  14. My grey reissue....
  15. My grey reissue! I just love to look at her and I keep her hanging outside and my closet so that I can see her even when I don't use her.
    My next is BV ball bag in chocolate. It has the softest leather I ever touched!