Which bags have the softest leather?

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  1. I don't really have a collection of bags and have only tried a few brands and currently, I'm using a Coach LEgacy shoulder bag. To those who have been lucky enough to try a lot of different brands, which do you think has the softest leather and also the lightest? TIA!
  2. When you put softest and lightest in the same sentence Balenciaga comes to my mind.
  3. Linea Pelle, Marc by Marc Jacobs (NOT Marc Jacobs Collection), and Gustto all have super soft leather and each have some styles that are very lightweight and comfortable to carry.
  4. Bulga is also known for being soft
  5. I've always thought my Not Rational bags had extremely soft leather.
  6. Balenciaga and Bulga definitely have the softest leather. I am very impressed with my Bulga bag because I got it at a steep discount and it is incredible quality.
  7. Bottega Veneta.. the leather is buttery soft! and very durable!
  8. If you want soft, gorgeous leather at a great price....three words

    Tano Lenny Leather:love:
  9. I loooove Marc Jacobs Leather - it's TDF! ;)
  10. Belen Echandia. I have two Stroke Me's and they are so soft and lightweight.
  11. I wholeheartedly second Bottega Veneta, so soft and light.:yes:
  12. Oh it feels soooo good. I agree!
  13. I have to say the best leather I've ever felt is . . . Balenciaga leather. Oh, I also purchased my daughter a Botkier clutch that felt divine.
  14. I have never thought Balenciaga to be that soft??? I think many of the Kooba leathers are extremely soft, however. it depends on the particular style. My Nina in slate is like a baby's bottom!
  15. my softest bag is Miu Miu Coffer.
    Bulga and Gustto are great, too