Which bag?

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  1. MC speedy or denim pleaty?:smile:

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  2. i prefer the Denim Pleaty. it's so cute, and not bulky and heavy like the Multicolore Speedy, which has too much hardware going on

  3. :yes::yes::yes: ITA
  4. I'm the opposite...I love the MC Speedy! So many colors...it goes with everything.....adds a nice "wow" factor to any outfit!
  5. I like the speedy. The denim just bugs me because of the pleating/ruching.
    Does one call you more than the other?
  6. Speedy, the denim just doesn't do it for me.
  7. I prefer the MC Speedy. I've had mine for over 3 years, & I still love to carry it. The pleaty is a cute bag, but I actually prefer the Denim Speedy (which I also own). I originally ordered the pleaty, and then returned it for the Speedy. They are both great. Good luck with your decision.
  8. MC speedy, its a really fun bag!
  9. Well I've always loved the white speedy for years but its a little big for me and the pleaty is more in my price range. I'm worried if I get the speedy I'll regret it b/c I got the mono speedy 30 in summer, used it about 3 hours and since then I've been trying to sell it...the sagginess bugged me alot and the bag just got in the way. I was actually gonna get the mini pleaty then (didn't have enough for pleaty) but I changed my mind and got the mono speedy thinking it would be more practical. I'm just thinking the denim isn't really a practical bag like if I spill anything on it then would it be ruined? I do love both bags which is why its a hard decision. I'd only need to save a bit more for a pleaty but I would have to save for quite a few months to get the speedy.
  10. Love the denim - not liking the MC Speedy...
  11. Denim Pleaty!
  12. Denim Pleaty! I like the mc speedy in black but don't like the white one, I saw the pleaty irl on this asian woman the other day and it looked soooooo pretty! (I assume it was real because she was in LV shopping :yes:)
  13. Denim Pleaty! It is such a cute and beautiful bag.
  14. def. the pleaty ! Classier and more versatile, IMO
  15. totally different bags and so much bigger then the other. So i guess it depends on whether you need the space of the mc speedy or not.
    Also where you're located and what your weather is like. The pleaty you could use all year around if you're in a cold weather spot, where i wouldnt use the mc speedy (if getting white)
    Where if you're in cali the winter could be used all year.