which bag will be ur next pce purchase

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  1. just started this thread for fun to see who wants what for the next pce. i need a black bag but haven't decided yet which one
  2. I want the new Heritage stripe satchel in the gold or gardenia. Or maybe a large Carly. I dunno. Maybe V-Day from the fiance??? I need to make a wishlist because he says they all look the same. How dare he! hehe
  3. Metallic Bridgit...unless the magical Coach fairy comes before then.
  4. Well I am praying that I get a PCE since I had my first 2 Coach purchases at the boutique right after christmas...but I am saving up for a Carly...most likely large...and dreaming of SOMEHOW getting the khaki/berry colors but I doubt I can pull that one off....I wish I wasn;t such a poor college student!
  5. hmmm, not sure but the patent miranda (francine) or an ergo tote or a white Miranda....
  6. If I can wait until PCE, I will be getting the medium sig carly in khaki/beet. Hopefully I wont have to wait that long though!:graucho:
  7. I'm thinking a walnut Luci or a Francine (although I still haven't seen this yet!). I also want a med. lily in a brown, if they release one...
  8. If either the new pleated ergos or the new Legacy bags are out by March, one of those will probably be my PCE purchase. Have to check out the color selection.
  9. i'm getting the legacy thompson hobo in brass/toffee and a hamptons turnlock wristlet...and maybe trying the Gigi again. and of course a pair (or more!) of shoes.
  10. i want the white or brown medium leather carly and maybe the turnlock 3x5 leather planner!
  11. A large Carly. I am torn between colors, but I think I'm gonna go with the Khaki/Black.
  12. I want that new pink signature stripe bag! BUT only if they have accessories for it. Also I am on the hunt for a beauty case that is khaki/lite blue.
  13. I doubt I would get a PCE invite. But I totally want a new wallet! xD
  14. Right now there is nothing I want from Coach. If Coach releases
    something that I might want between now and the PCE, then I
    will buy something. Perhaps a new pair of shoes or a scarf would
    be something I would consider.
  15. Hopefully the Heritage Satchel in red - or pink if it becomes available! I'd really like to get a pair of sunglasses, too, but I'm not sure if I can be trusted with glasses that expensive!
    oh, or maybe the blue Miranda!!