which bag to sell?

  1. I want to buy a chanel bag...but in order to do that should sell one of my B-bags.

    I have sky blue, rouge cities, lilac twiggy and a black first

    i love all of them for diff. reasons its sooo hard!
    any suggestions?
  2. lilac twiggy- not my fave color
  3. I think the rouge red city (if it's the old leather) and the sky blue are most in demand and will bring home the highest revenues if you sell them. Sorry that doesn't really help your decision does it?....well if $ were a concern I'd pick those two to sell coz they'll go fast.
  4. Everyone needs a great red bag and a great basic black--so if the rouge and the black B-bags fill that need keep them. If they don't, then consider selling one of them off. That's my first idea.

    If you just can't part with the "basics", i.e. red and black. Then look at the blue and lilac. I'm not super familiar with b-bags, but I think those are both more pastely colors. Figure out which one gets used less or doesn't fit in your life as much and let that one go...

    If you're getting a black Chanel, you might consider letting your black b-bag go.... I love having color in my "fun" purses but think that black or red is best for the "classics."
  5. I'd sell the lilac. People may want to buy those more since it's warmer out and they want lighter colors for summer.
  6. I'd sell the black First. THe other colors are gorgeous and more rare. You can always buy another black B-bag later on.
  7. I agree with Kat. There will always be another black bag- but sky blue, rouge and lilac are unique and irreplacable! And, there is always someone looking to buy a new black bag. But whatever you do, don't sell that sky blue- its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ^huh?

    if the issue is immediate finances, i agree w kat in that you should sell the black first, cos they're very easy to find and you can get another down the track.

    if the issue is redundancy... then i say sell either the sky blue city or the lilac twiggy, cos they're similar looks (pastels..)
    or, look at which one you actually use the least, regardless of how much you love it.. that's the one that you should sell.

    (i believe the rouge city is new leather)
  9. Sell the black and lilac.
  10. the lilac because i don't like so much the twiggy style.....but it's a pity too!
  11. i say sell the lilac to me. hahaha. but i would keep the black and red.. its really classic!

    *cough* so, uh...i think you should sell the rouge...
  13. I may just have to faint if this is the 2003 lilac. As much as I would love for you to sell that one to me, I agree with everyone else here. Black is replaceable, easier to sell also. That would be my choice to sell if I had your fabulous collection! I may just have to die of envy now. :o)
  14. Thanks...I think if I do wind up selling it'll be the 2006 Lilac.

    The only reason I was considering selling the rouge is b/c its the new leather and not as mushy as my sky blue.

    I do love all of them though....I'm selling it for more of a financial reason. Not that I couldnt get the reissue w/out selling a B-bag- it would just make feel less guilty. I guess we'll see....
  15. Keep the black and rouge since they're classic colors. Sell the lilac.