Which bag to get??


Which bag to pick?

  1. Dark Silver Reissue in 226 size

  2. Dark Silver Reissue in 227 size

  3. Black Ultimate Soft in large size

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  1. O.K., I know I have a few threads about Dark Silver Reissue I bought recently. When I bought this bag, I saw Ultimate soft hobo bag(bigger one) in black and fell in love with it (at least for a moment). Now, I can't get 2 bags now, because I'm waiting to see LV Mirror bag coming out on Dec 1st, and planning to get 1 piece. I have to pick 1 Chanel bag to keep.....which one would you pick, if you were me? BTW, I don't NEED any more bags, I just want it, so I'm not really considering about how practical bag is:roflmfao:

    I appreciate your opinions!!!
  2. I'd go w/ the reissue as it's be easier to take care of:yes:
  3. The Reissue!
  4. Large Black Ultimate Soft AAAAND Dark Silver Re-issue...two totally different bags...i can't pick, i'd get both haha
  5. the reissue most definitely!! but what is your heart telling you to choose?
  6. Gosh I'm in the EXACT same quandary right now -- debating between the 226 dark silver reissue & the Ultimate Soft Hobo (large black, with adjustable chain). Except if I do get the Ultimate Soft, I'm intending on using it as an everyday bag or at least semi-everyday bag (as opposed to special-occasion only).

    Is the Ultimate Soft really high-maintenance? Even in black? I tried on the black one over the weekend and the leather didn't feel that fragile at all. My SA said it's lambskin, but somehow it felt like deerskin. It was just so so soft....and the structure of it....wow, I fell in love at first sight & actually felt like it was a piece large enough & practical enough for everyday use. But if the material really needs babying/is easily scratched (ladies....anyone here who used their Ultimate Soft frequently?), then maybe I can't get it :sad: Would love to hear more info about the leather durability on the Ultimate Soft! TIA!
  7. I saw and felt the US in black today at NM Boston and did not think it felt fragile at all. It was rather thick and seemed pretty durable. I never gave that bag a second thought in photos but in the boutique amongst all of the other bags my eyes were drawn to it, and now I can't get it out of my head! There were quite a few styles there - Modern Chain hobo in black, Square Vintage triangular tote in brown, Outdoor Flap in black, Outdoor Tote in black, Outdoor Doctor bag in brown, a dark brown Cerf tote, and some Cruise bags that didn't really interest me enough to take inventory. But that US = WOW!!
  8. hmm....it seems like a lot of people like Reissue better....
    I still am not sure which to get....I'm going back to NM today to see all 3 of them and hopefully decide what I want.....
  9. So you like Ultimate Soft better than Reissue? It's so hard to decide since these 2 are completely different kind of bags. I know if I choose ultimate soft, bag can last for a long time because it's black, and classic, yet edgy.

    Reissue, has a very classic style, but I'm not sure if the dark silver color is something I can carry for a long time......is it too trendy color??
  10. I don't think the dark silver is too trendy...it's almost bronze, and it is so hard to find a great looking bronze handbag...metallics are hot and the color matches just about anything...

    and the ultimate soft...that is a dream handbag...it is very sensitive though...you definitely have to baby it...i still can't decide between them...again, like wintotty says, they are both completely different handbags, and i feel like there is no comparison..you have to have both
  11. Well, I chose the black ultimate soft for you because if you are definitely getting a bag from the LV Mirroir line, then I thought you wouldn't need TWO silver bags. :smile:
  12. The Ultimate Soft is absolutely gorgeous, but while trying the bag at NM over the weekend I noticed that the display model was already showing several marks and scratches. This was enough to scare me off...

    Good luck with your decision--you are debating between two of my favorite bags!
  13. Thanks girls!!

    I bought a Reissue in 227 size.......and put Ultimate Soft on hold until Dec. 4th. LV Mirror is supposed to come out on Dec. 1st, and if I don't like them in person, I'll buy Ultimate Soft instead!
  14. THe ultimate SOft is TDF and great for everday IMO
  15. The ultimate soft.