Which bag to get? Pochette Metis reverse or alma bb de


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Jul 4, 2016
These are two very different bags. The Alma BB is much smaller and holds significantly less than the Pochette Métis, even though it holds way more than one would think by just looking at it. The PM can also be worn over the shoulder, but the Alma BB strap, which is not adjustable, seems to be too long for most people to wear it this way, being it mostly crossbody or handheld. Their price points are also significantly different, especially if you're referring to the Alma BB in the regular canvas.
They are both absolutely awesome and gorgeous bags, even though the PM has some known issues, like cracked glazing.
I believe the Pochette Métis does have the potential to become one of LV's iconic bags in the future, but before that they HAVE TO address and solve all the known issues this bag has.
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Mar 5, 2016
If you are specifically interested in the PM Reverse, I´d get this one first as it´s a limited edition and probably not available for a long time.
The Alma BB DE is a lot easier to get and not limited.
I´d definitely choose the PM over the Alma as it´s a lot more versatile and holds more. But they are both beautiful bags.
Good luck choosing. :wave:


Jan 18, 2017
Before everything your style is very important because they are totally different bags. They can be weared as crossbody in common , that's all.

If there wouldn't be any problems ( a lot of problems ) about PM , I would go for it in any case but ıt has so many issues. Purchasing PM is like gambling !

Alma is a classic bag and classically beatiful , timeless beauty but alma bb has a very long and thin strap which bothers me very much and not adjustable . Sonetimes ıt looks too small sometimes normal really I dont know why. I think ıt depends on person who wear it. If I would purchase an alma bb , I would buy it in DE. not vernis or epi leather, I don't like at all in alma bb
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Jan 26, 2013
Definitely the DE Alma BB! It turns my head each time I see someone with it, so cute and classy. The PM does nothing, NOTHING for me at ll. Depends on your style, I guess, I prefer feminine/girly stuff and the Alma fits that bill.


Nov 12, 2006
They are so different. Only way to tell is try on and see which makes your heart sing! Both gorgeous


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Mar 11, 2012
I have both bags and if I had to make a choice I would pick the P. Metis in a heartbeat.:smile:
By far, the most versatile handbag I own. The Alma bb is cute & classic but not functional at all! And, It also sticks out when you wear it cross body!


Sep 2, 2006
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I tried on the Alma BB and it's super teeny and barely fits anything. Great if you need just a few small items but the PM seems so much more functional and usable. I also didn't like that the Alma didn't have an adjustable strap. Alma BB is one of the most adorable bags LV makes but not one of the most practical (again, unless you are carrying only a few small items). :heart:


Jan 23, 2016
ALMA BB de for sure.. i have the Alma bb in vernis and the Alma pm in DE and I still want to have this little bag.. It fits my essentials and I can downsize or carry less.. It still can fit a full sized wallet and a small htiny cosmetic pouch and my phone.. this is enough for me.. but I usually carry a small wallet handcloves or sunglasses, phone, keys, and a small cosmetic thiny pouch with me when I use my alma bb.. It´s a perfect bag for shopping and going out dor dinner / to friends.. I love the shape and it just looks soo gorgeus in DE :smile: I also carry my alma bb to work
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Sep 4, 2011
I have both so maybe I can help. The alma bb is small enough and hugs the body enough that you can keep it unzipped and just grab your items. Which is what I do. I love that bag, I think it's one of THE best LV out there. The Pochette Metis I love equally as much, it hugs the body it's right there BUT despite what you keep in the back zip pocket (which I also keep unzipped) you have to open and close. NOW I have seen some youtube videos where owners say they keep their Pochette metis completely undone. EEK! I couldn't do that. But that's just me. SO if you want to just reach in and grab, get the alma bb. If you don't mind opening and closing then get the Pochette Metis (it holds a little more.) ~ I love both bags equally. HTH ;) ~ XOXO

Kylie M

Apr 9, 2015
The Pochette Metis but I prefer it in all mono. I think it's easier to style and dress up. Another choice is the Croisette, I have this bag in DE and it's fantastic!! Good Luck