Which bag should I get??

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  1. I am in between the Black with Gold Hardware City or the Black with Gold Hardware Brief? Which would you get?
  2. I love the Black GGH City so that gets my vote!
  3. I love the city!
  4. I'd go for the City as well!
  5. I'd go with the city, too, because you can carry it on your shoulder better than the brief. But they're both gorgeous.
  6. I like the city. It has the strap and the opening is wider I believe.
  7. City all the way
  8. city for me as well... i owned a brief and had to sell it because things just sunk to the bottom causing the bag to weigh a lot even with only a couple things in there...
  9. CITY with GGH DEfinately! I would love to get my hands on one of those....
  10. I vote for the city too! GOOD LUCK!!!:wlae:
  11. city for me
  12. I would get the city
  13. The City!....
  14. City gets my vote too!!!