which bag is this?

  1. As some of you know, my jumbo caviar was defective on one of the straps and i finally got to exchange it today. so while i was there, i looked through some of the other bags and saw this:


    which bag is this? it's similar to the e/w but doesn't have a flap and the straps are on the sides instead of coming out of the flap. the retail is $1235. i'm really liking it.
  2. looks like a camera bag/pochette.
  3. How long are the straps on this bag? Can it be worn all the way down to the hips or just by the waist? Its gorgeous.
  4. That looks gorgeous, never seen it before. You should go and get it :yes:
  5. Its beautiful!
  6. actually, the straps are about the length of the e/w, but just a tad bit shorter.it is puffier than the e/w too. they also had a beige color that was to KILL for. YES, i would murder you for it! lols. (provided i wouldnt be caught)