Which bag in your collection do you use least? Which most?

  1. I just realized that I have to take out my MC Alma asap, otherwise I'll forget that I own this bag :shame: I used my Denim Speedy all the time lately...
    I'm quite sure that everyone here has a bag that s/he uses more then others and a few sad bags are patiently waiting in the closet :crybaby:... so: which one?
  2. Speedy 25, always so forgotten !
  3. i've been using my Damier Papillon 30 for the last month or so, so all my other bags are waiting in the closet for me :cry:
  4. I have been neglecting my Speedy 30 for my BH lately.
  5. White Audra, I think I've used it 4 times in the year I've had it. I'm mostly using the damier speedy these days.
  6. I always use my damier papillon 26, my pochettes and my non LVs. My big LVs are all waiting to be taken out. =C
  7. Oh that is SO hard because i have bought SO many bags lately.

    I've been using the BH most (for about a week straight) lately.
    The look of it does not super exite me but its easty b-cuz its a shoulder bag.

    i need more shoulder bags in my life. Grab, sling over shoulder and go. LOL :lol:
  8. I don't use my MC Lodge alot (hubby commented on that the other day)...so time to take her out.
    The most used one is my speedy 30...and now that I have the BV I'm using that alot.
    I have yet to use my panda pochette...waiting for the right time!
    I try to be fair to all of them!
  9. Oh, the Lodge... I used mine about 2 or 3 times, I almost forgot about it... then my mom asked me whether she can take it w/ her on vacation - of course! Now I miss my Lodge :shame: can't wait till she gets home in about a week.
  10. Believe it or not I use my mono Speedy 30 the least. I know it's a great everyday bag but everyone seems to have it these days (or a fake) and I'm sick to death of seeing this bag. The one I use the most is my red epi Speedy 25. LOVE the epi line!
  11. my duomo hasn't been used since i got my speedy, but i RARELY use my damier geant messenger.
  12. Least: Black Le Tal & L'ingenieux
    Most: Speedy 30
  13. I have a small collection but will answer anyway.

    I use my mono Speedy 30 the most and Damier Speedy 25 the least. I am kinda of 'saving' the Damier for the fall.
  14. Most: BH, Epi Noe

    Least: Cabas Piano, Speedy 30
  15. Why Cabas Piano the least? I have just developed an interest in this bag these couple of days.:P