which bag for work/grad school and wallet would you choose?

what bag that can carry a heavy load for grad school/work?

  • westminster tote!

  • luminuse pm in aube!

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only the best
Aug 13, 2011
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Hey all, I am making my final purchase for a good while from louis vuitton, i asked earlier about the westminister and the luminuse. I wanted to get a tote and a wallet, I am leaning to a wallet under 500, or if it must, under 800. I want it to work with whatever tote you would choose (damier westminster or luminuse pm) and what kind of wallet would you choose for my starting collection of the damier speedy and bleu infini alma... I don't need the wallet to coordinate with my other SLG and pochettes. What would you do? Thanks for helping me, I'm panicking about this price increase and knowing I'd have to be on a long ban after this and when its this much money I want to make sure absolutely that I made the right choice. Thank you for all of your help!
Jan 26, 2010
i would get the luminuse in aube! I love the color!! and as for the wallet, why not get an emilie or josephine wallet? I'm getting the emilie (im on a waiting list). it comes in 3 colors..blue, red and green. And the best thing about it is that its only $430!! it only has 4 card slots though but as i can tell from pictures, it has a lot of compartments to put cards in.

Good luck deciding!!
Aug 18, 2010
Voted for the lumi. Having the longer strap for versatility puts it ahead of the westminister in my book. Would a matching secret wallet or compact secret be too out of your price range?


Nov 30, 2011
I LV Ebene, but in this case, I vote for the Lumi... I thik it can fit more stuff, especially books when you are in grad school.
For the wallet, get the ebene zippy