Which bag for dinner or functions?

  1. Hi, need help to decide which LV bag would be suitable for dinner or attending functions. I have a few dinner and functions coming up and thought I should invest in a nice LV bag suitable for it. Should I get a 2nd hand mini monogram Noelie or Marjorie? Any other suggestions? I currently have a black epi Segur and a mono speedy 30 which I find them not so suitable for attending wedding dinner or functions. Would appreciate your opinions. Thanks.
  2. how about the recital?
  3. Google is your friend. You could also search eBay for pics, or this forum! :yes:

    I think a Damier Azur Speedy 25 would be lovely for weddings.. or anything Azur and small. For nighttime engagements, I use a Tikal Pochette with Dragonne wrist strap. It's a handy size and doubles during the day as a pouch for pills'n'things in my bag. :tup:

  4. Clutch montaigne or shirley Mc
  5. ^ OOH! ZOMG, what Arnott said!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:


  6. Thanks, like your Tikal Pochette. I am actually considering Azur range but would prefer speedy 30 to 25 but then again 30 would be too big for nighttime engagements IMO.
  7. I think a 30 would be too big, too. The 25 can fit a surprising amount though, too, and is well suited to being a smaller day bag.
  8. i loooove the aumoniere from the satin line.
    don't know if it's too "girly" for you though...

    good luck!
    hope u find one you like
  9. Wow this is gorgeous, but I doubt I can find it in our store here. :heart:
  10. beverly clutch in mono (remove the leather strap)
  11. i Say Multicolor Shirley.. I have a wedding to attend next mth tooo.. If my budget can stretch that Faarrrr im getting 1..