Which bag do you like more???


Which bag do you like more?????

  1. Kooba Ginger

  2. Kooba Marcelle

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  1. Ok, I narrowed my search down to these two bags - Kooba Ginger and Kooba Marcelle. Both are black leather. Which one, in your opinion, is better as an every day bag???? And which one is classier (to wear for many years since I get used to my "every-day" bags and don't change them for years! Except, of course, when I want to show off my Chanel or Louis!...:wlae: ).

    So, which bag do you like more???? Both are shoulder bags and very roomy for every day use! Ginger is regular price now (I wouldn't buy it on Ebay) and Marcelle is on sale for $349.99 at one of small boutiques around here.

    (this picture belongs to ohd56 on Ebay)

    (this picture belongs to freshfashionstore on Ebay)

  2. Do you think Marcelle has too much hardware and leather strings on it???? I really want something that would last for years...
  3. I think the Ginger is the better looking piece. The other one looks too busy for my tastes. JMO
  4. I really like the ginger
  5. marcelle.
  6. I voted for the Ginger.:yes:

    I don't like the shape and how bulky the Marcelle appears to be.I also don't like all the studs on it as well, it looks abit distracting.:shrugs:
  7. I prefer the look of the Ginger. The other one has too much stuff going on for my taste. I think the Ginger will serve you better for a longer time of use.
  8. I own both in cognac and far prefer the marcelle, although it is larger it is really a wonderful handbag, not distracting at all ., the ginger, which I have is hard to get anything in and out of and it is sooooooooooo counterfeited.......everytime I wear the marcelle, I get ooohs and aaaaaaaaahs -
  9. marcelle...i dont like the tassles on the other one
  10. I really like the marcelle, in cognac maybe? I think it just looks more like how a designer bag should look. The Ginger looks kinda TJ-maxy to me (not that there is anything wrong with TJ max!).

    I also like the size of the marcelle, as it is versatile and you can probably fit sneakers, a gym towel and a water bottle in her!
  11. ginger
  12. My vote is for the Ginger.
  13. Thank you for all your opinions!!! I decided to go with Marcelle (I'll post pics in a different thread!).

    I compared both at the store and the braid detailing on Ginger was really bothering me!! Plus, the leather on Marcelle was SOOOOO YUMMY!!! It's just so soft and squishy!!! I love it!!! It looks like there's too much going on when the bag is alone in the pic but it looks completely different when it's on!!!!!

    Again, thank you for your opinions!!!!
  14. marcelle
    I dont like ginger that rope in front doesnt thrill me
  15. I have the Marcelle in Cognac. It is one of my favorites. The Braid on the Ginger bugs me a little. I don't mind the ties on the Marcelle that some find too trendy looking. Be careful though in comparing these pics you posted. I'd make a bet that the Ginger is a fake with that plastic hang tie thingy. That is a major sign of a fake. Here's my Marcelle..
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