which bag do you like best??

  1. A Black Denim Cabby GM or a White MC Speedy....thanks:smile:
  2. mc speedy!!!
  3. White MC Speedy
  4. MC WHITE SPEEDY...I am saving for this bag myself and it is TDF IRL. GOOD LUCK!!!
  5. Neo Cabby GM. I couldn't carry it myself, it's too big for me, but it surely is one gorgeous bag. I wish... :love:
  6. Hon, the White MC Speedy is gorgeous IRL. If you want to turn heads, get the MC Speedy!!!
  7. White MC Speedy hands down :tup: It's been a head-turner 5 years ago and it still is. It's a bestseller. Look at how expensive it is - from $1250++ to $2000 after 5 years! I'm not really a fan of the denim coz I feel that the material wouldn't last as long as the speedy would and it's more trendy - just my thoughts on this....
  8. Black Neo Cabby GM!:yes:
  9. MC speedy!
    I want this one too.
  10. hands down speedy..
  11. Blah Speedy, I like the Denim bag, but its the White MC Speedy! hahaha you can't say no. But, if it was between the Black MC Alma, and the White MC Speedy, then.. there's where I get stumped.

    I have a question for people who have the White MC Speedy! Can/do you guys fold it whenever/if needed? Is the canvas as foldable as the mono canvas?
  12. Mc Speedy...
  13. Definatly the white MC speedy
  14. I'm gonna have to go with the MC Speedy!
  15. :tup: