Which bag do you like best?

  1. I want to buy a HH Ana bag, but I can't decide which one to get.

    The brown would match a lot of my clothes, but I already have brown Coach Chelsea tote that I carry all the time.

    The olive might be more practical, because I could wear it with black, brown, tan shoes. It's more versatile and I like that it's different, but I don't think I'd carry it as much as a brown bag.

    I like the plaid, because it's kind of different. Its also $50 cheaper, which is a definite plus. But, I'm not sure what I would wear it with and it's not all leather.

    So, if you were me, which would you get? :confused1: TIA!
    chocolate.jpeg olive.jpeg plaid.jpeg
  2. I really like the brown one best and brown is like black,you can definately have more than one.
  3. I don't like the plaid. Even if it is cheaper, it's not my style. I like either leather one. If you have a brown, go with the olive, but like kimmi said, you can never have too many black or brown!
  4. olive
  5. I like the olive. Great neutral that you don't see all the time. Second choice is the brown. I don't really like the plaid.
  6. I'd go with either the brown or olive. Fabric bags like the plaid one don't hold up as well.
  7. I like the brown better
  8. Thanks for the opinions ladies! I kept going back and forth between brown and olive, but I finally went with Olive. I hope I made the right choice. I'll post pics when I get it! :tup:
  9. oh I also like the olive. great choice. cant wait to see pics!
  10. I like the olive best too. I love brown bags, but that shade isn't my favorite. And I'm guessing that you will find the olive color extremely versatile.
  11. I loooooooooooooove the brown!
  12. I like the first one def.
  13. Since you already have brown, the olive is a good choice.
  14. Both are lovely and you can't go wrong so congrats on the olive!
  15. Great choice! I would have gone with the olive too!