Which Anya Tote? Is it worth the extra money?

  1. Hello. Which Anya tote should I buy? I need a good throw all in bag. Something to cart around my work in. Something to take to meetings. But keep in mind that I am a fashion designer and doesnt and SHOULDNT be anything conservative or too business, so just something really cool that looks elegant and edgy. So, there are two anya bags.... one is much more then the other. BUt all leather.
    here is the first, cheaper option:
    here is the second, more expensive

    is it worth spending the extra?
  2. The first one is definitely much better. It's very cute!

    The second one is so bland and I didn't even know it was patent until I saw the description. For some reason it looked like nylon to me?
  3. good to hear since its cheaper!
  4. i like the patent one, but the whole look, i'm more to the first one :yes:
  5. Oh, I just don't like the first one at all. I could never carry it.
    I much prefer the clean, classic patent.
    If this is for work, I just think #2 is a more professional choice. The rigid pockets on the outside will give you fast access to things you need to find quickly, without rummaging around... you could find a document without pause or without breaking eye contact. The long handles mean it's a "hands free" tote.
    The first one is so casual, it looks like a beach bag to me, something I'd see a student carry, not a business woman. I guess it's about the image you're trying to project.
  6. I prefer the first one.
  7. Well the second one is out of stock so I guess that settles that.
  8. i like the 1st one..