Which across-the-body bag for a plus size girl?

  1. It's really hard when you can't go to a store and see the bags in person! I really want to buy my first Tokidoki (finally have spare money, yey!) but I'm struggling a bit with choosing the style. It has to be an across the body style bag - I despise holding a bag or wrestling to keep it slipping off my shoulder. But I'm "plus-size" - UK size 18-20 (not sure what that is in US size, I think it may be around size 16?) and I'm a bit worried about them being long enough.

    Originally I wanted a Stellina, but it looks like that will be too small? I saw the thread recommending the Corriere, but I really really don't like the style. I also like the style of the Campeggio, but I'm not sure what that would be like either.

    Do any larger members have any photos of them wearing the Stellina or Campeggio? Or are they just not appropriate? Are there any other across the shoulder bags?

    Oh, and on strap sizes: I read the strap length for Stellina is 42" and the Campeggio 44", is that correct? And does that include the metal fastenings etc., or is it just the fabric part of the strap (because I want to adjust the straps on my current bag to see what the length feels like, but it makes two or three inches difference).

    Thanks lots and lots if you can help. :smile: Sometimes it sucks being plus size.
  2. i've got some meat on me and i wear a stellina just fine. i wish the strap was a little longer, but it's fine as it is. campe would be better if you want it to hang a little lower.

    i can reccomend a ciao or a ciao ciao because they have *very* long straps. my ciao ciao hangs to my knees (bottom of the bag) when the strap is let all the way out.

    hope that helped you some!
  3. people say teh campeggio is good!
  4. I'd say I'm bigger and the stellina makes me a smidge uncomfy across body but I think if I force myself to wear it more I'd love it even more. as for across i have a ciao and ciao ciao wear both that way and love it.
  5. Thank you for all the advice :smile: I ended up ordering the Campeggio in Pirata; I'll let you all know what I think of it when it comes (got to wait for it to come to the UK from the US!) I'm thinking of maybe getting the Ciao Ciao in Spiaggia. I don't know why I'm thinking of a second bag to get when I don't have the first!
  6. For your next bag I highly recommend the Ciao Ciao. It has the longest strap of all of the bag styles.
  7. I have a ciao ciao in spiaggia and I LOVE it!!! Its perfect to show off the huge print... I never thought I'd buy a ciao ciao but when I saw it I just had to get it :smile: I think since the strap is longer and its an across the body bag it would be perfect for you
  8. Gah, now I'm thinking I shouldn't have ordered the Campeggio :sad: it seemed like a good idea at the time! Ah well, there are so many print I love that it's a good excuse to get another!
  9. I'm sure your pirata campeggio will be very cute... I almost got a campeggio in spiaggia but I just liked how clean it looked without the pockets. But of course I have a stellina in pirata already, which is very similar to the campeggio and I still love that bag.
  10. the campeggio is the same length as the stellina straps and still doesn't wrap around my chub body. so i just wear it on my shoulder.
  11. My campeggio strap is 2" longer than the stellina strap, when both are let out to their maximum length (stellina = 42" and campeggio = 44")
  12. Does that include the metal bits attatching it to the bag, or just the main part of the stap itself? Thank you for letting me know about the length :smile:
  13. It's measured from where the straps meet the metal loops. On both the stellina and campeggio, the metal loops are set an inch or so below the top of the bag, so the strap measurements (42", 44") basically give you the measurements from the top of the bag on one side to the top of the bag on the other side.

    The corriere strap is 60" from seam to seam -- meaning the seams where the fabric "tabs" (like the one with the cell phone pocket) meet the bag.
  14. OMG i'm such a dolt, this whole time i've had my campeggios (for a month) and being plus sized i just tried to wear it across my body and it was PERFECT!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy and glad you guys said they were longer. i seriously never even tried to. :/ but yayyy for it fitting perfectly.