Which across the body bag? Bosphore Messenger PM, Musette Salsa or Blois


Which across the body bag for handsfree shopping and travel?

  1. Bosphore Messenger PM

  2. Musette Salsa

  3. Blois

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  1. I'm looking to get a messenger style bag and can't decide between these three. I would appreciate your help in helping me decide. I'll be using it mainly for handsfree shopping and travel. TIA!
  2. I also plan on getting a cross-body bag soon and I really like the Musette Salsa! I dont know if you like Damier, but if you do, have you considered the Olav PM? I cant decide between the 2, theyre so cute, heres a pic of the Olav from Eluxury: [​IMG]
  3. Of the 3 you posted, I like the Bosphore Messenger PM.
  4. I prefer salsa... very nice and comfortable bag..
  5. I have the Bosphore Messenger GM and I love it, so I had to vote for the PM :smile:
  6. I have the Bosphore Messenger PM and it's one of my favorite casual LV bags, so my vote goes to the Bosphore.
  7. I would say... go for the PM Bosphore.. it's SO cute!
  8. I love the musette salsa. I've it in damier and it's a great bag. very useful when you need to be hands free.
  9. I like the musette salsa because it sits nice and flat against the body, for me personally I don't like messenger style bags that are too big or wide that will "bounce" as I walk. Hey, maybe that's just me, I am short!:shame:
  10. I think the Blois is a graceful and attractive design. It ought to hold a lot, many messenger bags are very slim. Agree, there is bounce when I carry my Trocadero.
  11. I say bosphore, I used to have the salsa and it was just to small for what I really needed to carry, I found myself putting things in my pockets that wouldnt fit in the bag, like my car keys, gum, etc...
  12. I'd go for the Bosphore Messenger PM.
  13. I voted for the Bosphore PM. I LOVE mine! Used it today for shopping as a matter of fact:yes:
  14. Thanks all for your response. Went to the boutique and tried all 3 and also tried the CONGO PM - now I think I like this one the best. Will have to think more on which one to get.

    What do you think of the CONGO PM?
  15. The Congo is cute! LOVE the net pocket. Why I don't know but I do. What about the buckle? Real buckles are deal breakers for many.