Which 4 Key Holder?

  1. i need to get a 4 key holder as a present for my sister... but i dunno which one to get... i do not have one myself... i hope the TPFers can help me decide which one is the best gift :yahoo:

    my sister is a girly girl :yes:.. i am thinking of the MC.. is white or black prettier? i like the white myself... or vernis?

    open to any suggesions :heart: thanks all dear~
  2. White MC or Pomme or Framboise Vernis. I think those are the more girlier/brighter ones.
  3. I have the Black MC and the Vernis Pomme. Love them both!
    easter 5.jpg
  4. :drool: oh rileygirl i love your pomme!!!!
  5. For a girly girl, I would go with framboise vernis. If you can't get that then I would go with either pomme vernis or black MC.
  6. i think amarante is the best vernis color. dark and lovely. girly and strong.
  7. Oooh, I just got my black MC keyholder last week. I love it! Didn't think this would be something I would really NEED, but I am sold! A keyholder is a perfect gift for your sister! Pomme looks really good, too!!
  8. All styles are cute! but personally Vernis or the MC line.
  9. i have the sunset blvd in amarante and i absoloutly :heart::heart::heart: this colour =P

    for those who have both pomme and amarante.. which one is more shiny??
  10. I'd suggest MC or pomme/framboise vernis :yes: I'd have to say framboise (or fuchsia) is the most girly-girl color out of all the choices though!
  11. Here's pomme, amarante, and framboise side by side:
  12. I would definitely get a MC Keyholder in BLACK because keys sometimes get rusty and dirty. That would be scary to have them rubbing the outside and inside of the WHITE one. :push:
  13. The inside of the Black MC is the color of pale vachetta so the dirty keys def. leave a mark.
  14. vernis frambroise!
  15. framboise!