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  1. Does anyone live in a place where you can say the word Prada or Dolce and people just look at you with a blank stare? :wtf: I live in one of those places and it really makes you feel like you are alone, no one to talk to about your love of designers. Thank goodness for tpf.
  2. Pretty boring around these parts...
  3. Although Seattle is getting better, it's still not fashionable.

    People here think North Face fleeces are high fashion.
  4. Yep. I live in Idaho and if it's not Coach, Dooney, or an LV signature print no one has a clue what it is. :lol:

    I do have one good friend here though that shares my love for purses. It's nice because we appreciate and admire each other's new purchases even though no one else knows or cares what they are.
  5. Not really. I am Italian so most people know who Prada is and also Dolce and Gabbana (and Fendi and Versace, etc...) - and they also pronounce their names correctly :smile::smile::smile:
  6. Some designers are well-known here, others aren't.

    For example, when I carry one of my Gucci bags, I get all these stares: "OMG she has a Gucci bag!". But when I carry my Chloé Paddington tote (which costed like 3 times more:lol:), no one even bothers to look at my bag. And I prefer it that way. I don't like everyone to know that I carry a designer bag (safety), just the people that are into bags will recognize and appreciate it. But I still think it's funny, though!

    Over here, the well-known designers are LV, Gucci, Dior, Prada, D&G, Versace and Armani. The last 2 more for clothes than for bags.
  7. I'm in the west of Ireland and nobody I know cares that much about designer bags.
  8. Yes, I live in one of those places. :smile: I live in a beautiful rural area that so far has remained free of 'designer' influence. The people here wouldn't know these names and wouldn't care if they did. I see this as a good thing though and hope it never changes.

  9. I would say its 50/50 here.
  10. The only thing we see in my area are Coach (including fake coach) and LOTS of teen girls with fake Chanel Chambon....
  11. We must live in the same place! LOL
    I love where I live, but if I want to shop at fancy places, I have to drive at least 2 hours. And I have absolutely NO ONE to talk to about my obsessions. My co-worker just keep asking me how much I paid for the handbags. They think Coach is the best.
  12. ITA. It's roughly 50/50 where I live. But if I take BART and go to San Francisco, then people definitely know and love name brands.
  13. Yes, I think we must! LOL I've only ever seen one Coach bag in the 14 years that I lived here and that was on a girl that had gone away to college and was coming back for a visit. Otherwise, the people here are just not brand name focused and that is completely ok with me. Even those that are the wealthiest in the community just don't spend their money that way - though they use it to retire early and build absolutely beautiful houses. I think they have the right way of it actually and it's me that has lost my mind. ;)

    Lucky for me I have girlfriends to discuss handbags with and of course there are wonderful forums such as these. :smile:

  14. I live in a suburban area, where the designer brands are not well known at all. I have one designer bag, and no one here knows what it is, but that's fine...they would flip out if they knew what it cost. But you know, I find that refreshing and a breath of fresh air, as opposed when I go to the city, where it seems every woman is eying each other's bag to see if their's is a better brand or costs more! And by the way, I think the one designer bag will be enough for me....I'm saving for retirement with a palm tree in my front yard!
  15. shoesgal At least Omaha and Lincoln are a little better than the rest of the state. I remember too many fake black microfiber Pradas around here a few years ago. D&G, ha-ha! That's like speaking Japanese around here. Welcome to the forums.