where to have this bag custom made

  1. so im madly in love w this bag, i gotta have it. im searching around for the real one. meanwhile, do you know where i can have this bag custom made? etsy? do you know the specific seller that can made this for me? please help...
    i may just need the body, i can put beads, crystal and sequin on myself...
    oh gosh...i want it badly
    67TP34_ba1.jpg 090128_5.jpg 3512567835_25650b1969.jpg
  2. Not sure, but that is REALLY cute!
  3. ahha that is so cute! you can try the alchamy thingy on etsy where you request for the bag to be made and etsy makers contact you....at least i think that's hwo it works!
  4. that bag is cute but it looks HUGE! lol maybe the girl in the photo is just really tiny?
    the alchemy thing on etsy sounds like a good idea, but i've never done it myself so i'm not sure how it works either.
    or just try to find someone you know that knows how to sew :smile:
  5. I'd try etsy, for starters.

    I make custom totes and bags - but I've never worked with beads much before.

    I would suggest getting your dimensions together, and maybe even seeking out a pattern for it. Try visiting a fabric store and seeking out advice on locating someone who makes custom purses. Check out Vogue for a pattern.

    There's one more place you can check there's a website online that provides free patterns / pattern-making tools online (try Google - the name of the free demo version is Wild Things Vintage). I've downloaded a copy in the past - it's pretty neat.

    Good luck!