Where to get a micro in Paris?


Cert. Purse Addict
Jan 30, 2007
Hi Ladies, I m very new Celine! Recently I m eyeing on this micro luggage bag in red or teal colors? Have anyone seen them in Paris? The reason I am asking is I will be there in early July and I want to get one. There are several stores in Paris and since it's my first visit, not sure where to go. I will staying in the La Defence area. Also if you can tell me the current price that'd be great. My friend told me I should bring my passport with me to get the VAT as well but I heard that some areas in Paris is not too safe. Ang thoughts?



Jun 17, 2012
I can't really help with the celine side of things too much as I'm not all that knowledgeable compared to all the other ladies on here, but I just came back from a trip to Paris and thought the city was relatively safe. Bear in mind that I did wear a money belt with me all the time (in which I kept my passport), so i wasn't worried about pickpocketers getting to my backpack as there was nothing of value in there.

You could possibly ring around the celine boutiques and ask what stock they have? if you have time, check out the big department stores galeries lafayette and printemps on boulevard haussmann (the department stores are right next to each other) as well as they both have celine concessions. I bought my nano at printemps. And yes, do bring your passport so they can process your tax refund paperwork.