Where to get a dust bag for my Ines

  1. I recently ordered a patchwork Ines from Barneys website. The bag arrived yesterday. The condition of the bag was OK. But no Marc Jacobs tags, no dust bag. (Well, I know it must be a return...) Do you gals know where I can buy a dust bag?
  2. You really should contact Barneys and make them send you one...but they're always available on eBay.
  3. being a return or not, thats not your problem. THEY NEED TO SEND YOU YOUR DUST BAG!!:hysteric:
  4. Was it the peanut? They cancelled my order on that the other day - I was pissed b/c I've been craving the Ines since the early Fall. I don't want to pay full price for it though.

    They sell dustbags on ebay for a few bucks if they don't send it to you btw!
  5. Yes, it is peanut. I saw one available again a few days after I ordered mine. I believe you'll find one sometime soon from Barneys or other stores with a good price.

    Thank you all for the advise. I'll contact Barneys tomorrow.